The new trend is the Dip Dye bridal dress

dip dye bridal dress cover

This fashion mood is the revelation of the year, because it combines a pinch of flightiness without taking the risk of be excessive.
Specifically, it is a wedding dress model is enriched with various shades of color in the final part.

The nuances could be faint or bright, according the desire (and the nature) of the bride.

The effect could be magic, if you will decide to combine the color of your "Dip Dye" dress with the decorations or flowers.
Who loves to dare more, could be "play" also with hair colouring.


Dip Dye bridal dress


The most popular shades are light blue, yellow and violett but someone likes to dare choosing a multicoloured gradient.
Another interesting element of this new fashion trend is the opportunity to express the real personality of the bride.