Sicily, the Jewel in Italy's Crown


Embedded in the midst of the blue Mediterranean sea, Sicily shines like the diamond in your ring.
Whether you are dreaming of a pure white wedding or of a colourful celebration; whether you care about values and tradition, or just want everything different; whether you already know it or not: Sicily is the answer to all your wedding questions.
If you are still not convinced, here are a few more reasons why you should go all in and choose Sicily as the location of your dream wedding.


1. Uniqueness and diversity. Sicily is a marriage of different countries and cultures. A succession of foreign influences have left their mark on this special island and have been absorbed into an unparalleled mix of different histories, cultures, and landscape – all blended together by the distinctive personality of the locals to create a new, harmonious, and unique beauty. Just like a bridal bouquet.



2. Landscape. Why travelling the world when you can take a tour of Sicily? Fancy a spot where the magical scenery of the Arabian Nights blends with the classical beauty of Greek heritage and the breathtaking splendour of natural landscape. Imagine the sensible simplicity of German descent just a step away from the overwhelming abundance of baroque palaces. Close your eyes and lie down on endless wild beaches while your guests enjoy a tour of the rural countryside and smell the sweet scent of lemon groves and orange trees.


3. Food. Of course everyone knows Italian food? Well, but this is not just Italy; this is Sicily. Here, at the centre of the Mediterranean world, flavours and styles are blended to give shape to unique and delicious specialities. Everything you will taste here is delicious and surprising, a succession of flavours melting in your mouth and filling your heart with happiness and warmth.



4. Values. Shielded by its sea-island bliss, Sicily remains one of those few places where values such as family, friendship, loyalty and mutual respect are still considered truly important. Here, it's easy to reconnect with what's worthy to uphold. Can you think of a better place where to pronounce your vows of eternal love?


5. People. When you set foot in Sicily, you immerse yourself into a warm atmosphere where you immediately feel at home. Embrace the genuine hospitality and friendliness of the Sicilians, and forget all about stress and worries. Getting ready for your big day will be a fun, unforgettable experience, and when you leave you will have gained not only wonderful memories, but also true friends.