Details: the Secret of Perfection

wedding detail5

The secret to a perfect wedding lies in all those small details that together create a personal, stylish, unique composition: a full expression of yourselves and what your union stands for. 

Just close your eyes and imagine what the best day of your life would be like. Picture the light, the sweet scents, the colours, the caress of the air on your skin, the smiles of your loved ones. That incredible feeling pervading every fibre of your being. That moment when time halts and you are immersed in eternal bliss. Well, isn't every single instant of that day a drop of perfection in its own? Everything that looks like a perfect whole is in fact a harmony of beautiful fragments. 

Oh, but details are even more than this. They are the marks of your personality: they reveal those hidden sides of your being, your true passions, all those likes and dislikes that together create your style. Details are what makes you unique.

Planning the perfect wedding means to compose a harmony of small details, a true work of art. You must take into account all those small things that make the difference. That shade in the colour of a flower, that glow in the fabric of your wedding gown, that ripple in the handwriting on your invitations, that chord in your favourite song bringing back all those memories. The way everything around you reflects your happiness and eternal love. 

So, how to manage all these small, vital bits? How to arrange them into perfection? A great wedding planner will be able to see your true selves and bring to light all those details that define and best express your style as a couple, just like an artist choosing the right tools and materials. Are you a romantic couple? Or a fun duo? Do you believe in tradition or are you innovators? Your wedding planner will unfailingly catch the glimpse that makes you unique and translate it into a flawless harmony of beauty and personality tailored on you and your beloved. 

After all, what would Mona Lisa be without that sparkle in her eyes? As Leonardo said, “details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail”.