Fun Fun Fun

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When you are enjoying yourself, you experience revelation: good times turn difficult choices into glittering possibilities and let you live each and every moment in its full magic. Laughter dissolves all your tensions and turns each instant in a precious moment of joy, a perfect memory: it dispels fears and fills you with all those endorphins that only love (and chocolate) can release. 

A smile is the best decoration, the most flattering make-up, the most contagious of all habits. It's a vital part of our personality, the way we show happiness, love, friendship; the way we ask, “will you share this with me?”

What is a wedding if not the sharing, celebration, and consecration of your mutual love with those closest to you? A gathering of those who love you most and wish you all the happiness in the world. Complicity between friends, lovers, husband and wife. When you share happiness you tear down all the barriers and reach the other's inner being. Smiles and laughter encircle you in a blissful embrace destined to be revived forever every time you look back at those moments. 

Imagine to glide through all the process of planning your wedding with a light heart and that feeling of freedom and safety, knowing that everything will run as smooth as the fabric of your gown. All the vexation, the frustration, the disappointment you were afraid to encounter are all washed away. Imagine being able to create unforgettable memories of smiles and joyful play, of you relaxing and sipping your wine with your best friends only a few hours before the ceremony, carefree and certain that you will end up having the best day of your life. Imagine the freedom of joking and pulling funny faces for your selfies, knowing that a skilled photographer will capture all the most romantic shots for you.

Imagine being able to enjoy to the full all the good parts of putting together the perfect wedding, each and every step of the planning process a delicious morsel leading up to that wonderful cake that is your wedding day. Imagine dancing away your stress in a whirl of fabric and joy. 

Your wedding planners will learn to know you as individuals and as a couple. They will understand your personality and listen to all your wishes, creating a seamless plan tailored on you and carefully choosing the right amount of everything. Don't forget to talk with them about the secret ingredient to turn a ceremony into a celebration of all things beautiful: a pinch of humour and lots of laughter, so that you can walk to the altar relaxed and confident, with a wonderful smile on your face.