Wedding traps and how to avoid them – The planning, part 1

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Have you been basking in that blissful post-engagement feeling for a little too long and now it’s suddenly time to start planning your wedding? Are you experiencing the dreaded why-did-I-ever-say-yes-in-the-first-place stress? Don’t worry: if you feel the going is getting tough, there’s no need to run away from it all. We’ve teamed up with our wedding-survivor couples to offer you some advice on how to stay relaxed and actually enjoy the journey towards your happily-ever-after.

So here come the first 3 golden rules on what to do if:

You can’t choose because there might be something better: listen to your guts.
Perfection is as tricky as it’s alluring. First of all, you need to realize what’s your idea of perfection: is it that unattainable thing you see in movies or read about in magazines, or is it that thing that makes you feel all fuzzy and warm inside, and all smiley and nice outside? Everything you need to know when it comes to choose a location, a flower artist, or a dress, is whether it makes you feel good. Don’t be afraid of being decisive: there’s no point in looking for something better that might not even be there. Remember our golden rule and you will not be disappointed: if thinking of it makes you smile, it’s perfect. 

There are so many styles and themes and you don’t know which suits you best: be true to yourselves.
We know: magazines, websites, and tv programs are bombarding you with sparkling, exciting ideas; the latest trends keep changing and you don’t want to fall behind; you want your relatives and friends to know how much you love each other and what a special couple you are. The great news is: they know. There is no need to look around for pre-packaged ceremonies and you don’t have to prove anything. You and your beloved have created a unique blend of two personalities; you share so much and your complicity and intimacy say it all. Just relax and choose together the elements you both like, and your wedding will bear your unmistakable, unique mark. 

It feels so difficult to make everybody happy: you come first.
This is your wedding. Nobody else should tell you what is best for you, not even your closest friends and relatives. Naturally, a little bit of advice is always welcome, but don’t forget that you make the decisions, and you make the rules. Your guests know and love you both, and when they see you happy, they will be happy for and with you. Remember, it’s not about entertaining people: it’s about celebrating your mutual love and what unites you; it’s about those you love accompanying you towards your life together as husband and wife. Just give them love and joy, and they will have the best of times.