Wedding Traps - Part 2


Whether you are a chill-out or a stress-over-everything couple, anxiety and edginess are likely to become your companion at some stage of the planning. If you have read the first part of this article, you’ve probably learnt how to recognise and face some of the frights attached to the terrible ordeal also known as “the final choices”. 

So, now there’s nothing else to worry about, right? 

Enter nerves. 

At this point, you have made all the best choices, you’ve listened to your heart, you’ve reasoned on the prices, you’ve counted your guests, you’ve set the stage for your dream wedding, and yet, as the day approaches, something does not feel right. Each day makes you more nervous, snappy, and sometimes it feels like everyone and everything is just trying to break the cool wall and make you cry like a baby. 

Well, what if we say it’s perfectly normal? Tiredness and anxiety can do this to a couple, but it doesn’t mean anything more than it is. We’ve called upon our brides again to give you a little help when:

4. You feel as if you’d lost touch with reality and everything you’ve planned sounds just awful: treat yourself to a day off!
You’ve been through a long string of stressful processes; pressure has been coming from all departments: job, friends, relatives… even your loved one has become a bit of a nuisance! Don’t worry: if you feel you can’t take it any more…don’t! Steal time for yourself to do something you truly enjoy, be it a day at the spa, a long walk in the countryside, a shopping frenzy (strictly not-wedding-related), or a tea and tv-series binge in your comfy pants at home. Taking time off will clear up your head and remind you that you’re going to bind your heart and soul to your loved one, and everything else is just a small detail.

5. You keep on arguing and fighting with your beloved, so much so that you’re starting to think you don’t know each other anymore: take a day off for two!
As THE day approaches, you don’t feel as connected with your spouse-to-be as before. It almost feels as this wedding has revealed an unseen crack in your relationship and you start wondering why you hadn’t seen this before. It feels like this wedding has become more important than your relationship. Great news: it’s perfectly normal! This is not at all a bad sign: it means you both care about your big day and, more importantly, about each other. If you didn’t care, you wouldn’t feel the pressure. It might even be that you’re building tension on the fear of letting each other down. Then, just pause it all, and spend some quality time together without wedding thoughts. Have a romantic night out, watch a movie, walk through the park, light a few candles, escape for the weekend! Reserve some time to remind yourselves why you love each other and what really matters. Everything else is just accessory!