Top Ten Tips for a Flawless Wedding

Be true to yourselves: as a couple, you are a perfect mingle of personalities, fused together to create a uniquely balanced style. Take your decisions together and you’ll see your story reflected in every little detail.

Assess your priorities. The sooner you realize what matters most for you, the easier your path towards the aisle will be. Whether it is an intimate reception or a flamboyant party, or a delicious dinner, knowing what you want will show you the way through.

Be decisive: don’t be afraid of making choices. True enough, once you pick one option you’ll be ruling out all the others; but if you are happy with a location, a restaurant, a dress, just go for it. After all, would you give up your spouse-to-be because there might be someone better?

Have a plan B. Whatever your level of organisation is, there will always be a small percentage of uncontrollable possibilities. The best thing to do is having a plan B to repair to, and who knows… perhaps that rain shower will add just that romantic touch to your intimate reception. 

Think about your guests. Obviously, they will be there because they love you, but some of them will have travelled a long distance, taken time off their jobs, planned ahead to be with you. Find something to show them how you appreciate they’re being there, be it a leaflet listing local amenities, or a ticket to a boat trip, or anything else that says thank you.

Reserve time to relax. Taking a little time off all the planning will clear your mind and let you see things from a steadier perspective. Once you are recharged, you’ll feel full of positive energy and everything will seem lighter and brighter.

Reconnect with your partner. Panic and stress can play really bad tricks to the about-to-get-married. A little bit of fighting is natural and healthy, but if fights become the rule, blame it on the planning and treat yourself to some good old romance. It’s always good to remind yourselves why you want to spend your lives together. 

Trust your wedding planners. There is a reason why you choose to rely on professionals… they are professionals! Your wedding planners have planned and seen through a huge amount of weddings. They know more than you think and will be there to listen to you and guide you through the intricate labyrinth of wedding planning.

Throw in some fun. Weddings are not only about the couple, they are social events; you will probably have lots of friends around to share these precious moments. Have some fun: matching gowns, backstage wine, selfies, games… a bit of silly time will help you relax, enjoy all steps of this special day, and give you that wonderful happy glow no makeup artist could ever create.

Give your wedding the importance it deserves. True enough, it will be the first of many happy days, but downplaying its significance could be something to regret later on. Don’t “make it do”: to be special it needn’t be a lavish display. Just let it be a special moment to share with your loved ones, something to remember with a smile for all the rest of your lives.