Words of beauty and love – be inspired by the poetry of Sicily

Words of love forged by the fiery passion of volcanoes and whispered by the marine breeze of distant seas are forever inscribed in the rocks and trees and sands of Sicily. Words of pure, sacred, eternal love travelled across land and water and converged to this island to be crafted into beautiful poetry forever resonating through the moonlit nights and the brightest days. Their mysterious and powerful essence has given them wind to sail through time and reach us, inspired and inspiring, carrying the secret of a magic, eternal, love spell. Perhaps their journey will give them a day’s shelter in your mutual vows?

Here we have collected a few poems written throughout the centuries by true Sicilian lovers, to inspire your proposals, speeches, your first declaration of eternal love or the renewal of an old one. 

Jacopo da Lentini: Of his Lady, and of her Portrait.

And I have sung thy praise,
Lady, and many times
Have told thy beauties o'er.
Delicate song of mine,
Go sing thou a new strain:
Seek, with the first sunshine,
Our lady, mine and thine,—
The rose of Love's domain,
Than red gold comelier.

Ruggiero Amico: When I her heart did move

When I her heart did move
By kisses and by vows,
Whom I then called my love,
Fair-haired, with silver brows:
She said, ‘Indeed I will
Be thine through good and ill
As long as I may live.’
And while I live, dear love,
In gladness and in need
Myself I will approve
To be thine own indeed.

Nino Martoglio: Camigliatello

O silvery moon, that roaming go
silently, through the empty sky;
tell her that my greetings I send,
tell her that I am still in love,
and will never be able to forget.
Tell her that I loved her constantly,
I loved her woods and her springs,
the smells of resins, and every place,
I still love the persistent thought.

Salvatore Quasimodo: I want to think of the heart you have when you are dancing

I want to think of the heart you have when you are dancing
And dig your arms and raise your head as if you were giving yourself to the air.
That heart I’m searching for;
With it you will attain the precise movement that shall make you soar in the art you love,
For which, like me, you burn out all fires. 
It feels sometimes, and I fear it till I fall to anguish in my human solitude,
that you will vanish as you appeared suddenly that night
with fire in your hair and on your brow.

Jacopo da Lentini: Of his Lady in Heaven.

Without my lady I were loath to go,—
She who has such bright face and such bright hair;
Because if she were absent, I being there,
My pleasure would be less than nought, I know.
I only would behold her gracious mien,
And beautiful soft eyes, and lovely face,
That so it should be my complete content
To see my lady joyful in her place.