How the magic of a unique wedding begins...

wedding planner in sicily silvia and alessandra


A dream wedding is a woman’s number one fantasy, as almost every girl in the world wants to feel like a QUEEN, even if just for one day.
During the ‘big day’ a woman totally becomes the centre of attention - the entire world stops and acknowledges her importance. On this day, every bride wants her true beauty and radiance to emerge and be admired by her guests. Ensuring that this dream comes true is our job!

We are Silvia and Alessandra, two friends that love creating unique events. We search for the right harmony of each element, playing with creativity and humour to make the special day unique and unforgettable! The wedding day is, in fact, the symbol of the bride and groom’s ‘happily ever after’. Our mission is to leave the couple wondering “Is it a dream or has it really happened?

Often, the couple don’t realise how many things must be carefully planned for the wedding day and, at the same time, how satisfactory this may be. For this reason, we have decided to show you the ‘behind-the-scenes’ - because everybody wants to discover how the magic begins...

We will deal with fashion, wedding themes and inspiration, bridal etiquette and much more. Under the fashion section instead of heading we will address everything to do with style: bridal dresses and accessories, shoes, wedding suit, etc. “Inspirations” will be the category showing examples of set ups, wedding invitations ideas, decorations, etc.

We will tell about wedding themes (that we have recreated) in this third category, where you will discover the wedding backstage. And the last but not least "Bridal etiquette" where we will give you tips about the good manners to follow before and after your wedding day. In any case, we would love your feedback, so please leave your comments and suggestions.