A Scottish wedding in Sicily

If you are fascinated by Scottish traditions, you will fall in love with Catherine and Wayne's wedding day, were we combined together characteristic elements of Sicily and Scotland, inspired by the warm hues of orange groves and the elegant blues of some traditional kilts.

scottish wedding in sicily

Thanks to meticulous styling, every detail from the dress to the table decors, the simple floral arch and even the bridegrooms’ vows, were an homage to tradition. The choppy Mediterranean provided the perfect backdrop for the wedding day, recalling the waves of the deep blue North Sea.

Marine shades of blue were used as common thread for the celebrations, also drawing from the family’s kilt pattern, the tartan of Clan Donald. The color theme was delightful but never overwhelming, with the blue bridesmaids' dresses, men’s ties and other small decorative details used in perfect balance with white and laces.

scottish wedding in sicily

scottish wedding in sicily

scottish wedding in sicily 3

The ceremony was set in a stunning garden, where the couple exchanged their vows, under an arch full of white roses. The same roses were also used to decorate elegant transparent seats for the guests. Finally, the scents of oranges, a symphony of crickets and the sea breeze added a special touch to the magical atmosphere. For a second, one could even imagine being in an historic Scottish castle.

The most moving moment? Probably when family and friends read out their best wishes for a happy marriage and the emotional bride and groom drank a toast to them all.

Ultimately, the couple’s love-drenched smiles and the joyful faces of the guests, were the most rewarding ending to a beautiful, intimate and elegant wedding.

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